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Providing a wide range of FRP Doors And partition frames manufactured with best in class materials. FRP fibre doors and frames are utilized particularly in bathrooms owing to water proof quality, these doors and frp frames are a very good alternate for wooden doors. Our products are available in a variety of colours and standard dimensions to choose from, also customize frames and doors in line with the requirement of the clients.

With the growing interest in posh interiors frp frames duly finds its place in internal and external partitioning and are the most sought after due to ease of installation and saves lot of time with highly flexible standard and non standard dimensions.

We are the leading manufacturers and dealers for structural fibre polymers and frp doors, frames and partition modules with formidable count of install base.

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FRP frames are widely used where there is a need for valiant and effective substitute for wooden/metal doors and partitions, fibre frames are easy to maneuver and effectively pre fabricated to suit the install module.Read more


FRP door modules are used in in-camera and as main door frames in residential and industrial infrastructures owing to their strength, weather proof, water proof, range of colours and ease of maintenance. Read more

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Our frp frames and partition modules are thoroughly tested and available in standard sizes and colours, As with customer requirement frames can be tailored on-demand to suit it better. Read more